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Friday, August 24, 2018

Arakanese Folk Tales: Only I Know My Disease

Ven. Eindobhasa

Once upon a time, there was a man in a village. The village was very far from the city. The transportation was very difficult to go to the city.

One day, the man went to the city for his business by boat. He felt so tired and so hungry that he could not resist having some foods, because he had rowed the boat for many hours.
So he, as soon as having arrived in the city, went into a shop very quickly to buy some food to eat. Then he started to look for some food, and he saw many soft soaps in different colours.

But he did not know that they were soaps; he thought that they were a kind of food. Because he was very hungry, he just asked the price without inquiring about what they were. He picked one up, and he started to eat it at once. After eating it a little, he realized that it was not a snack food. Yet, he was continually eating it not to be ashamed of his mistake.

A man nearby him saw him eating the soap, and the man thought to himself, “This man doesn’t know whether it’s a soft soap or a snack. Where is he from?”

Then the man said to him, “Dear friend, it’s a soft soap, and don’t eat it.”

At that time, the man suddenly replied, “Yes, I know, my friend. Only I know my disease, and it can be cured by having soft soap.”

And then he gave money for the soap, and left the shop quickly.

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  1. When I tried to share your articles the fb described them as afaw-achutt. can you explain?