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Monday, December 16, 2019

Body of village administrator found

Aung Htein | DMG
15 December, Minbya

The body of Kyaukmaw village administrator U Kyaw Aye Maung, who was abducted by the Tatmadaw, was found at the bottom of Mt. Minbu, west of Thalu Chaung village, in the afternoon on 14 December at about 4 p.m., according to family members.

U Kyaw Aye Maung, 32, was arrested by the Tatmadaw when he was at Satetara village administrator’s home on 11 December, his wife Daw Hla Than Nu said.

“The Satetara village administrator phoned my husband to go home. When the military troop shot guns, Satetara village administrator was killed. My husband was injured and abducted,” Daw Hla Than Nu told DMG.

A military column shot guns in Satetara village, killing village administrator U Nyan Thein and Daw Phyu Phyu Win. The Tatmadaw abducted nine people including Kyauk Maw village administrator, U Kyaw Aye Maung.

The Office of Commander-in-Chief said that a military troop retaliated after an attack by the AA from a house in Satetara village and found U Nyan Thein from Phone Tha village and U Kyaw Aye Maung from Kyauk Maw village were shot dead by in the house.

The Tatmadaw arrested seven men who were assembled at the house and would transfer them to Minbya township police station to do interrogation, the Tatmadaw said.

U Kyaw Nanda from Satetara village, one of the nine detained villagers, was released as he was old. Villagers found the body of U Kyaw Aye Maung, Kyauk Maw village administrator, with his neck and hand cut and bullet wounds in his waist and thigh, family members said.
“My husband died. I cannot get him back. But I want to request the Tatmadaw to release other detained people. I wish senior officers of the Tatmadaw to know these situations,” Daw Hla Than Nu said.

The body was sent to Minbya hospital and funeral was held in the afternoon of 15 December.

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