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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Arakanese Folk Tales: The Story of Mr. Luck, Mr. Intelligence and Mr. Diligence

Long long ago, in a country, there lived a king. The king ruled so justly that the country became peaceful and prosperous. He helped to those who were farsighted in the country. Besides, he had a habit of getting information from his citizens.

One day, the king asked one of his ministers to go round the country and study how his people were engaged with their everyday lives.

While the minister went round every town and village in the country, one day, he met a man who especially believed in his luck. This man name was Mr. Luck. He declared that luck was the most important thing; in the world and even a house built of iron could collapse if there was no luck. Without luck it was a hard way to make a living.

In another village, the minister came across another man whose name was Mr. Intelligence. He announced that without intelligence, people would get poor and would be hard to get on without intelligence in the world.

The minister continue his mission and in another village, he again met a man called Mr. Diligence. He declared that diligence was more important than luck and intelligence. People could achieve their goal only through diligence, he told the minister.

The minister when he got back to the place he reported the story of the three queer men to its king. The king was so interested in the story that he told the minister to bring the three men before him. When the king met Mr. Luck, Mr. Intelligence and Mr. Diligence, he asked each of them to tell their way of living. First, Mr. Luck said "Oh, your majesty! I can make my living with my luck and doing nothing." Then Mr. Intelligence said "Oh, your gracious king! I only live with using my intelligence for my living." Finally, Mr. Diligence said "Oh your powerful monarch, I earn my living by my diligence."

After the king heard the three men's explanation, he secretly made a plan and sent Mr. Luck, Mr. Intelligence and Mr. Diligence to a far away island on a ship. This island was so remote that it didn’t have any shelter and food for them to eat.

When the three men reached the land, the ship was called back and so they were left stranded on the island. Mr. Diligence went round the island and Mr. Intelligence thought of how he could find way to hare food, but Mr. Luck did nothing and expected to have food by means of his luck.

When Mr. Intelligence saw Mr. Diligence, he asked him, "What have you seen while you are wandering on the island?" Then Mr. Diligence replied thus, "I've seen nothing, but only nine or ten ants."

On hearing Mr. Diligence's words, Mr. Intelligence asked him to show him the place where he saw the ants. He knew at once that the presence of ants could lead them to place where the food was stored. Instantly, Mr. Diligence dug the place where they saw the ants.

In great wonder, the two men found a feast of eatables consisting of rice, meat, fish and also some drinks. Mc Diligence and Mr. Intelligence then together ate the food to their full left some in the middle for Mr. Luck to eat Then Mr. Intelligence and Diligence took the left over to Mr. Luck.

When Mr. Luck saw the two men carrying the left over to him, he said to himself. "Here comes the food for me. Nothing could go against my luck." He said and ate the rice and fish. While eating Mr. Luck found a precious ruby buried in the middle of the rice.

On the next day, the ship which was sent by the king came back to fetch them back to the palace. After meeting, the king asked "Who had found the ruby?" Then Mr. Luck answered that he had found it. The king then said "I've arranged all the plan for all this and want a proof that you three are blessed with luck, intelligence and diligence. That is why all of you have a chance to live with the skill of Mr. Intelligence and Mr. Diligence in that remote island. But especially, because of Mr. Luck, he was able to find this precious ruby." He then offered the ruby together with a hundred silver coins to Mr. Luck.

The king then finally made a comment that luck, intelligence and diligence were the three most essential things that required in solving every difficulty in the world. He also said to all his ministers as well as his citizens to understand the value of luck, intelligence and diligence throughout their lives.

Translated by
Aung Zan

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