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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Chronological Time Table (As claimed by Rakhine traditional chronicles) by Dr. Saw Mra Aung

Chronological Time Table (As claimed by Rakhine traditional chronicles)
3325 B.C
Prince Maraya established the First Dharifiavati city.
1507 B.C
Karhrajagyi established the Second Dhafthavati city.
580 B.C
King Candasftriya established the Third Datinavati city. It is believed that, during his reign, the Buddha paid a personal visit to Dhaillavati city.
327 A.D
King Taingcandra (King Dvecandra) established Vesali Kyauk-hle-gar city.
598 AD
King Siricandra marched on Bengal and suppressed the rebellion put up by King of Sultanate. It is believed that, during his reign, a Buddhist synod was held at the top of Tha-yet Cho hill today called `Shwe-taung.'
729 A.D
King Anandacandra inscribed the Anandacandra stone inscription.
769 AD
King Culacandra marched against Thindwe (Tagaung)and drowned to death a few miles off the Negrais cape on the return journey.
793 A.D
900, 000 Shans ( Mongols) invaded Mrauk U founded by King Pe-bhyu.
818 A.D
Prince Khatta-thin ascended the throne of Cabhavat city. Soon, he transferred the capital to the eastern bank of the Laymyo river and founed Parical city there.
843 A.D
King Min Yin Phru ascended the throne of Pafica city. It is believed that, in 1847 A.D. he convened a local Buddhist synod.
986 A,D
King Min Nu ascended the throne of Panca city. During his reign, King Anawratha marched on Rakhine to convey the Mahamuni Buddha image but in vain.
1062 A.D
King Min Bilu ascended the throne.
1068 A.D
He was dethroned by Minister Asankhaya . So his son Min Ye Bhaya, with his family, fled to Hagan, There, he got a son named `Letyar Min Nan' and a daughter named `Shine Gu Thar'.
1103 A.D
King Alaungsithu placed Letyar Min Nan on the throne of Pailca city. Soon, he established the First Parin City.

1123 A.D
King Dasaraja ascended the throne of the Second Parin city. During his reign, he marched against Bengal to repress the rebellion.
1142 A.D
King Min Phone Sar ascended the throne.  During his reign, 300,000 Shans came down along the Laymyo river. So he drove them out of Rakhine.
1146 A.D
King Manju Thin founded Nerarijara Taungoo city.
1532 A.D
King Nga-na-lon ascended the throne of Taungoo that year. During reign, the Kalas and the Thets rebelled against him. So he marched on Bengal and suppressed the rebels and brought Kala Crown-prince to Rakhine.
1251 A.D
King Alomaphyu established Laungkrat city.
1283 A.D
King Minhtee ascended the throne of Laungkrat that year. During his reign, he drove out the Shan invaders and marched against Bengal, Myanmar, Mon and Tha-yat of Eastern Thets.
1406 A.D
Min Ye Kyaw Zwa occupied Laungkrat city and King Min. Saw Mon fled to the Sultanate.
1430 A.D
King Min Saw Mon established Mrauk U city.
1433 A.D
King Min Kri succeeded Min Saw Mon that year. During his reign, he defeated Chittagoung and Sukkara in Bengal, brought Thandwe under his rule and built friendship with Inwa King Narapati.
1459 A.D
King Ba Saw Phru succeeded King Min Kri that year. During his reign, he got a set of the Tipitaka from Sri Lanka and defeated the Thet rebels and the rebels from Chittagoung.
1531 A.D
King Min Bar Gyi established the second Mrauk U city.
1532 A.D
He marched towards Bengal and occupied 12 Bengal towns.
1534 A.D
He defeated the Portugueses who invaded Rakhine.
1535 A.D
He built the Shittaung temple to mark the victory over the Portugueses and named it `Yan Aung Zeyya Ceti.'
1544, 1545 and
1546 A.D
King Tabinshwehti marched on Rakhhine but King Min Bar Gyi repelled the attacks of the Myanmars.

1561 A.D
King Min Saw Hla built the Htukkan Ordination hall.
1572 A.D
King Min Phalaung ascended the Mrauk U throne.
1575 A.D
He marched on and occupied the capital of Kamboja.
1581 A.D
He repelled the attacks of King Bayint-naung.
1586 A.D
He defeated Mrung and Thet kingdoms which revolted against him.
1591 A.D
He built the Chain-kaik Pitaka Talk.
1592 A.D
He renovated the Urit-daw-dat pagoda.
1593 A.D
King fvlinrgjagyi ascended the Mrauk U throne.
1598 A.D
He, at the request of Taungoo King Thiha Thu, marched against HaMs5vati.
1606 A.D
He sent a group of twenty monks to Sri  Lanka to rejuvenate the declining Buddhism there at the request of Sinhalese King Vimaladhammaraja.
1610 A.D
He put down the rebellion staged by his son Anauk Bayin Viceroy of Chittagoung Prince Mangri in alliance with a famous Portuguese Gonslaves Tibao.
1612 A.D
King Min Khamaung ascended the Mrauk U throne.
1614 A.D
He marched on Bengal and defeated Mughal and Pathan kings who rebelled against him.
1616 A.D
He suppressed the Portugueses led by Gonslaves Tibao who invaded Mrauk U and marched on U dar Pur, the capital of Uttarit (Tripura) and defeated the Mrungs who revolted against him.
1622 A.D
King Sirisudhamrnaraja ascended the Mrauk U throne.
1624 A.D
At his permission, a Dutch departmental store was opened in Mrauk U.
1625 A.D
He marched against Dacca and defeated its viceroy who rebelled against him.

1630 A.D
He despatched a mission to King Tharlun. That year also, Portuguese monk Sebastia Manrique arrived at Mrauk U.
1638 A.D
King Narapatigyi established the Third Mrauk U.
1640 A.D
King Tharlun sent a riddle on the dynastic crisis of Rakhine to King Narapatigyi.
1641 A.D
Dom Martin left Diana for Lisbon
1642 A.D
He drowned to death near the cape of Good Hope.
1660 A.D
Shah Shuja fled to Rakhine from Bengal.
1662 A.D
Shah Shuja and his followers were executed for their rebellion against Rakhine king.
1666 A.D
Rakhine lost its grip on Chittagoung.
1674 A.D
King Sirisudhammaraja built Krait city.
1685 A.D
He was murdered by 42000 royal body-guards at the Magala Palace in Krait city.
1686 A.D
The golden palace of Mrauk U was burnt down and many consorts and their female attendants were killed during the fire.
1687 A.D
Many people in Rakhine died of measles. The price of paddy went up sharply.
1690 A.D
400 Shans came and raided Myinkaba.
1696 A.D
The Sinhalese envoys sent by Sinhalese king came to Mrauk U in two ships to request Rakhine king to dispatch some Rakhine monks to do missionary works in Sri Lanka.
1707 A.D
Inwa King Sirimahasihasura dhammaraja (1698-1714) sent his soldiers to attack Thandwe.
1719 A.D
Mrung King of Uttarit (Tripura) asked King Candavijayaraja for military assistance to suppress the Thets and Kalas who invaded his kingdom. That year, he marched on Mindon.

1724 A.D
3700 Kala pagoda-slaves of the Andaw pagoda, the Nandaw pagoda and the Sandaw pagoda in Thadwe fled to Inwa.
1738 A.D
The Chins from Laung-shay of Setoke-ttara molested the villages on the Laymyo creek.
1748 A.D
King Nara-abhayaraja asked his elder brother Let-way-myan to bring the Mahagyi image from Kyaukpadaung to Mrauk U.
1752 A.D
The Mon soldiers occupied Inwa. So some Myanmars from Inwa fled to Rakhine.
1753 A.D
Ships loaded with gold and silver lumps and camels came to Mrauk U.
1756 A.D
Many people died of cholera in Rakhine.
1760 A.D
A great earthquake occurred in Rakhine.
1762 A.D
King Naung-daw-gyi (AD. 1760-1763) sent 300 soldiers led by Bo Nga Noe to attack Bo Anyo at Taung-khwun-kyein-da-li.
1762 A.D
Mra War from Laung-krat, Aung Jeyya from Yanbyc, Mukha-sa Maung Oo and Bo Min Lar-Oo from Man-aung requested King Naung-daw-gyi to attack Rakhine. But Myanmar soldiers had to retreat due to the attacks of Rakhine soldiers.
1774 A.D
The envoy Surincakka sent by King Sin-byu-shin ( A.D 1763-1776) reached Mrauk U.
1781 A.D
Nga Than Htwe from the Nga-sa-reik creek sent Hari, son of King Abhayamaharaja, Ann-sa Phaung Thar Shwe and Le-khat-taung-sa Nga Tun San to King Sin-gu ( A.D 1776-1782)to occupy Rakhine.
1782 A.D
The rule of law and order was weak in Rakhine. So the kingdom fell into a state of collapse and the public met with a time of difficulties. Many people also died of cholera. King Dhammaraja passed away and King Mahasammataraja succeeded him.
1785 A.D
King Badon occupied Rakhine.

Ref:  "A Rakhine Chronicle" (page 248-255) by Dr. Saw Mra Aung

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