Arakan Army released a statement today - Thar Le Zwa သာလီစြ - Arakan Monitor

Thar Le Zwa သာလီစြ - Arakan Monitor

Thar Le Zwa: Arakan Monitor


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Friday, February 14, 2020

Arakan Army released a statement today

Appear for immediate stop of war crimes and ethnic cleansing in Arakan and Chin States of Myanmar

Appeal to the individuals and organizations closely watching the non-stop war crimes and human rights violations committed by the Myanmar defence forces including
the Myanmar Army, by deliberately targeting at the elderly, infants, babies and children, civilians, schoolteachers, schoolchildren, students, and schools.

Since the imposition of the Internet ban for the second time on 3 February 2020, in five townships of Arakan and Chin States, by the NLD government, the Myanmar Armed
Forces have stepped up acts of war crimes, ethnic cleansing and genocide.

Widespread and deliberate artillery shelling, machinegun fire, bombing and arson and uses of helicopter gunships, drones, jet bombers, navy gunboats on civilian areas including villages and surrounding ready to harvest rice fields, haystacks, indiscriminate robbery and destruction of civilian properties, illegal detention, torture and murder of the innocent, have been continuing without respite.

The present NLD-led government has kept totally silent on the issues, besides imposing the Internet ban for hiding the war crimes and ethnic cleansing by the Myanmar
Army. Navy and Air Force, disallowing any media agencies or personnel from entering the battle zones, clapping total control over the general and social media, which lead to coordinated hate crime committed against the people of Arakan.

In the face of serious defeats the Myanmar defence forces have been committing such war crimes in the indigenous areas of the country. While the International Court of
Justice has started investigations into the war crimes and possible genocide on the Muslim population of Arakan, the Myanmar Army, Navy and Air Forces coordinated their war criminal strikes at civilian targets rendering hundreds of thousands of innocent villagers
homeless as they were forced to desert their ancestral homes.

We earnestly appeal to all humanitarian organizations and UN agencies including the International Court of Justice to closely watch the developments of war crimes in
Arakan and western part of Chin states and make the state-sponsored perpetrators of war crimes and ethnic cleansing bring immediate end to their carefully targeted atrocities and endless human suffering on the unarmed civilian population.

United League of Arakan/Arakan Army

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